5 Amazing vegan restaurants in Lisbon!

While Lisbon is a historical city with a lot of its culture preserved, the city has become a haven for digital nomads and tourists. In recent years, there as been a strong increase in brunch cafés, hipster bars and vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Here is my list with 5 great vegan restaurants in Lisbon

The Food Temple

Starting of big, here is my absolute favourite vegan restaurant. Located near Martim Moniz, this restaurant and café serves high-quality dishes at reasonable prices. The way they plate reminds you of upper-end restaurants, however you won’t need to break your piggy bank for it. The picture is their classic falafel plate, but they have many more dishes inspired from many parts of the world like Korean BBQ, danish Smørrebrød etc. They also have their own amazing brownie.

Beco do Jasmim 18, 1100-289 Lisboa, Portugal


Located near the previous place close to Martim Moniz, this restaurant offers vegetarian as well as vegan options. They serve burgers, pancakes, avocado toast, milkshakes, and homemade cakes. Don’t worry, they also have healthy options like soups and salads! This café does it all. They have plenty of seats and tables inside as well as their own terrace on the street.

Rua João das Regras, Praça da Figueira 5-A, 1100-293 Lisboa, Portugal

Tiffin Café

If you are looking for a chill café where they have vegan and vegetarian options close to Santos, then this is the place. Tiffin café is on the lesser busier streets in Lisbon and is easy to miss. The café serves for example roasted cauliflower, soup, quiche, and beetroots with hummus. For the ones with a sweet tooth, they also have lemon cake, muffins, scones, and even cheesecake. In the evenings, 6-8 pm, they also have “aperitivo com petiscos”, drinks and bites. Open Monday to Friday, however, closed on the weekend!

R. do Conde 32, 1200-637 Lisboa, Portugal

O Gambuzino

Although they serve vegan dishes, O Gambuzino is also so much more. Serving plant-based food, they also make killer cocktails and drinks at night and the place has a great vibe to it with very. Located in Santos, it is just a 1min walk from the metro with the same name and is next to Largo do Indendente. The restaurant’s food has an asian touch to it, serving bibimpap, gochujang, gado-gado but also dishes like ceviche, fried tofu and the classic burger with sweet potato fries.

Rua dos Anjos 5A, 1150-032 Lisboa, Portugal

Flores da Pampa

If you like live music after a nice dinner paired with natural wines, then Flores da Pampa is the place for you. This restaurant can be found in the neighbourhood of Príncipe Real next to the park Jardim Fialho de Almeida. The place has live music every week, a large assortment of wines, and specializes in vegetarian dishes that can be paired with the right wine. Whether you are looking for a place to impress your date or if you want to have a fun evening and get inebriated on Portuguese win with friends, Pampa is a great choice for dinner any day of the week.

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Praça das Flores 18, 1200-332 Lisboa, Portugal


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