Best Authentic Portuguese Restaurants in Porto

Interior of Solar Moinho de Vento

Solar Moinho de Vento

This restaurant is my favorite in Porto, situated behind the Igreja do Carmo. It was started as a tavern in 1905 and has served hearty traditional food to the Portuguese ever since. The restaurant has won several prizes for its high-quality dishes and is a well-respected establishment for its authentic cuisine. I recommend having the stews as it is their signature dish.

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R. de Sá de Noronha 81, 4050-527 Porto, Portugal

O Buraco

If you try to imagine for yourself what an unpretentious, family-owned restaurant would be like, it would probably be something like O Buraco. Located between Metro Trindade and the market Bolhão, this restaurant has been run by two friends for 47 years! However, in 2023 they decided to take a break and pass on the torch to two other friends. It is very popular among the locals so be prepared to queue if showing up late! 

R. do Bolhão 95, 4000-112 Porto, Portugal
Interior of O Buraco
Interior of Cana Verde

Cana Verde

Having won several mentions these last years on TripAdvisor as a “Traveler’s Choice” it was no surprise to me that the dinner I had was excellent. Furthermore, the prices are very affordable. Cana Verde is a perfect choice if you are passing next to the famous Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos and are looking for an affordable and traditional Portuguese lunch or dinner. The interior is quaint as it has stone walls and even shows some Azulejos to the delight of the eyes.

Rua dos Caldeireiros 121, 4050-140 Porto, Portugal

Cozinha do Manel

One time, I was supposed to catch a Flixbus at the station Campanha, but unfortunately, I missed it. Had I known that right next to me there was a restaurant that served delicious traditional food, in a beautiful setting, it would have saved my evening! I had the pleasure of returning there and was very happy with my dinner. With its beautiful decor and good food, I can only recommend this restaurant. Make sure to reserve in advance as it is popular.

Rua do Heroísmo 215, 4300-255 Porto, Portugal
Image of the bar at Cozinha do Manel. They also have tables
Founder Fernanda (right) with her daughter

Casa Nanda

In 1978 Fernanda (Nanda) opened her restaurant and ran it for 40 years. Today, the daughter has slowly taken over and is dedicated to the mission: serving simple, honest, and comfortable food in a homely setting. Here you can eat meat stews, fried fish, seafood, and homemade desserts. They serve of course Portuguese cuisine and their restaurant might just be the most loved in town.

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Rua da Alegria 394, 4000-035 Porto, Portugal
Picture of the dish Amêijoas with the interior of Casa Nanda in the background


Located west of the town hall, Ernesto is a restaurant known for keeping to the traditions: Portuguese cuisines like Bacalhau com Natas, Marmota Frita, or Arroz de Cabidela. The entire menu fits in your hand and is only in Portuguese: usually good signs of an authentic restaurant! Portuguese often gives good reviews online and I see no reason why you would not appreciate its authentic and delicious food.

Rua da Picaria 85, Porto, Portugal
Interior of Ernesto

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