Best Hostels in Lisbon: which to choose?

If you are traveling to Lisbon on a budget, chances are you are looking for a hostel rather than a hotel. Hostels have gained more popularity as they offer way more than just accommodation: entertainment, parties, yoga and surf classes… Here is my list of my favorite hostels in Lisbon you should check out for your next trip to Lisbon

Entrance of Sant Jordi Hostel

Most beautiful: Sant Jordi Hostel

This hidden hostel goes unnoticed by most. It is located in Arroios, so pretty central, close to the green metro line.

The first thing that you see when arriving is the beautiful entrance and hall. While the website doesn’t say much about the origin, it is obvious that the building was a private palace, probably built by a wealthy person: it even has its own garden!

The hostel is outfitted with all the things you could ask for: kitchen, Wi-Fi, bar, area to work etc.

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Garden of the Sant Jordi hostel
Dorm from inside Sant Jordi Hostel

Most affordable: HI Lisboa Pousada de Juventude

If you are traveling on a budget and just want the cheapest accommodation but in the center: HI Lisboa is the place. Located on Avenida Libertade you are three metro stops away from Cais do Sodré and a 5-min walk to the party at Bairro Alto.

What the hostel lacks in glam it makes up to it in the modest price for all you need: breakfast, Wi-Fi and a 24/7 open reception for less than €20 a night. Sure, the entertainment and decor good be better: but at that price and so close to the center, HI Lisboa is unbeatable.

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Outside of the HI Lisboa hostel
Interior of my room at The Bridge hostel. They have both dorms and private rooms

Best view: The Bridge

One time when moving in between apartments I needed a place to stay however I didn’t need to be in Alfama or in Baixa with all the tourist, so I opted for this place in Alcântara: I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort, price and the view!

Easiest to get here is by tram or bus from Cais if you are coming from the airport or the center. It is located between Cais do Sodré and Belém and is a great spot if you are planning to visit both places during your weekend.

The Bridge has shared rooms but also private rooms. I really enjoyed the large beds, modern bathrooms but especially the balcony to the south facing the bridge. No elevator though!

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Literally the view from my bed at the Bridge hostel

Most welcoming: Cheese & Wine Lapa

if you don’t mind paying a bit more than your average hotel, I recommend Cheese & Wine, they have two different locations in Lisbon.

These hostels offer a little more comfort and quietness than your regular hostel and are more laid-back than the traditional hotel.

The rooms are spacious, the breakfast is excellent, and the staff is very welcoming. It also has a balcony for the people that want to have their coffee in the sun! The one I recommend is in Lapa and is farther away from the center than the other hostels on this list: but the neighborhood of Lapa has a lot to offer with plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars in the evening.

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Hostel of Cheese & Wine in Lapa
Balcony of Cheese & Wine Lapa offers a great view over the city as well as entertainment some evenings
Dorm of Sunset Destination close to Cais do Sodré

Best location (with pool): Sunset Destination Hostel

You want a hostel, but you also might want more than just accommodation for the night. Sunset Destination has a great vibe, with music and cocktails in the evening and a pool during the day, this outclasses your average hostel in Lisbon.

Sunset Destination has also one of the locations on this list, being right next to Cais do Sodré it is close to all you need in Lisbon.

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View from rooftop at the Sunset Destination

My favorite: Selina Secret Garden

“It’s a nice list, but which would you choose for yourself?” you might ask! Don’t worry, I won’t keep it a secret: Selina Secret Garden.

This chain is known among digital nomads as they are located in all their favorite destinations: from Brazil to Bali, they are in all the most beautiful locations in the world (which includes Lisboa!)

The price is above average, but they have a flexible policy so you can’t change the dates and even location should you miss the date.

Selina Garden in Lisbon has a pool, a garden, great restaurant as well as fantastic bar. The decor is superb and rooms are great. The vibe at Selina is amazing.

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Rooftop pool at Selina Secret Garden in Lisbon
Work area at Selina Secret Garden: great for nomads

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