Where to see Fado in Porto?

Image by J. Baikovicius CC BY-SA 2.0

What is Fado?

The Portuguese is a people that has been through many hardships. But if there is one thing that has united the people in challenging times it is without a doubt Fado. Considered as Portuguese national music, Fado is a style that usually consists of two guitars and a singer. When performed, several singers can accompany each other in duets. The popular belief is that Fado was historically performed in the street by the wives and moms missing their husbands and sons at sea or by people singing away their misery.

Where to see Fado in Porto?

While Lisbon is considered the capital of Fado, this has not hindered the Portuguese of Porto from performing and mastering the art of Fado. Many places in Porto offer shows of the Portuguese national music, below are my top picks for a successful Fado-filled evening.

Interior of Casa da Guitarra

Fado no Porto por Casa da Guitarra

This venue is right in front of the Cathedral and the famous bridge Ponte Luis I. On its website, the three words that are shown are “Intimate. Authentic. Gueniun” which accurately describes the feelings when there. The Casa da Guitarra is different from the rest of the entries in this list as it is foremost a music institution in town: Casa da Guitarra teaches the art of guitar playing. Thus, not a restaurant! They show Fado every day from 18h or 19h30.

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Av. Vimara Peres 51, 4000-545 Porto, Portugal

Casa da Mariquinha

The Casa da Mariquinhas is located in the heart of the city, in the district of the Sé cathedral. Founded in 1968, this site has seen many Fado singers perform within its quaint granite walls. Should you want to have dinner, the Casa da Mariquinha offers a variety of tapas and plates of typical Portuguese cuisine that can accompany your evening while listening to Fado

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R. de São Sebastião 25, Porto, Portugal
Interior of Casa da Mariquinha
The Azorean steak served with potatoes at the Mal Cozinhado

Mal Cozinado

While the name of the restaurant suggests something else, Mal Cozinado is a great place to listen to Fado while enjoying delicious and authentic dishes. The restaurant is located in a building going back to the 14th century, right next to the riverbank. If you are looking for a place where they serve good and affordable dinners in a typical location this is the place.

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R. do Outeirinho 13, 4050-450 Porto, Portugal
Image of the interior of the Maz Cozinhado

Café Guarany

This place was originally founded in 1933 and has been a meeting site not only for Fado lovers but for all music styles. This entry is not just for people looking for Fado but for any kind of live music. Established in 1933, the Guarany Café is known as the musician’s coffee shop. As the name hints, the café has elements associated with South America, with cuisine, decor, and art originating from there.  A truly unique place for a wonderful evening with art and music.

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Av. dos Aliados 85 89, 4000-066 Porto, Portugal

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